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Battery Information

With its unique Spring Drive and Kinetic technology and it industry-leading initiatives in compliance with global regulations and standards, SEIKO has always been at the forefront of environmental actions in the watch industry. In 2007/08, SEIKO again reduced the environmental impact on its products by converting to the use of mercury-free batteries in advance of changes in button cell battery regulations.

SEIKO has high and unique quality standards even for batteries. This switching to mercury-free battery installation was not an exception. As a result of passing the series of serious quality tests, SEIKO mercury-free batteries ensure the high quality, keeping a stable voltage with low leakage, and have good preservation longevity even in a wide temperature range. Seiko Instruments Inc., as a battery producer, for example, has developed new mercury-free silver oxide batteries, which are not only more environmentally friendly but performance has also improved. Using a new electrolyte, the new SEIKO batteries work better at low temperature range from -4° F to 140° F. Furthermore, leakage resistance has been increased by 50%, thanks to the introduction of a new micro-machine "crimping' manufacturing process.

SEIKO started to install mercury-free batteries from April, 2007 and all SEIKO watches had mercury-free batteries from June 2008 on a production basis. With this action, SEIKO once again asserts its lead in environmental responsibility in the watch industry.

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